Monday, December 7

This weekend I ran a five mile race. I haven't ran five miles in at least five years and I've only ran three consecutive miles once in the last year or more that I can remember. And although I wasn't setting any world records it was just fine. In fact, the run was relatively easy and fun. I can only attribute my success to CrossFit. It's the only training I do and it allows me to get out and do pretty much any physical activity I want. I feel like I am generally prepared to take on most activities and that is empowering.

I'm not training in the gym every day to win CrossFit competitions or any other sporting event. I am training to be good at life. And the life I want to lead is an active one. I hope you have a reason for training too.

So thank you CrossFit and thank you Dave, Luke and Brooke for getting me out of my comfort zone and inviting me to the race. I wouldn't have done it without a nudge from friends, but I'm glad I did and I'm glad I was able to.

Workout for Monday, December 7 EMOTM for 12 min Odd Min: 6 Deadlifts @ 70% Even Min: 6 Bar Hop Burpees *Beginner Strength 5 Reps per DL Round @ 115/85 or + 10lbs

10 Rounds for time: 10 Wall Balls (20 to 10'/14 to 9') 6 Alternating DB Snatches

12 min Cap

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