Tuesday, December 8

There's definitely too much of a good thing. I love coconut and all the things that come from coconuts, but I'm not moving to an island to only live on coconuts like August Engelhardt did in 1902. This NPR article tells of his adventure and obsession with the the coconut and how it lead to his eventual death. According to the article "At the end of his life, der Kokovore (the coconut eater) was reduced to a mentally ill, rheumatic, severely malnourished sack of bones with ulcers on his legs. He was only 44."

I think we should all be careful about focusing too much on one thing. Whether it's with your diet, exercise program, job or anything else. And that's another reason I love CrossFit. We specialize in not specializing. If I wanted to be the strongest I could be I'd go train as a power lifter. If I wanted to be as fast as possible I'd go train as a sprinter. And if I wanted to win the Tour De France, I'd be spending a lot more time on a bike.

But like I said yesterday, I'm not training for anything specific. I am training to be generally fit and I like that. Do what makes you happy, but remember to stay well-rounded. And please don't only eat coconuts for the rest of your life.

Workout for Tuesday, December 8 Ring Muscle Up Practice/Progressions Jumping Muscle Ups, Ring Holds (top and bottom of dip) Pull Up Negatives + Ring Dips Complete 20 reps of Muscle Ups and/or Progressions

For Time: 100 KB Swings (1.5/1) 200 Double Unders Starting at Minute 1: EMOTM Complete 6 HR Push Ups

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