Monday, December 14

There's a lot of stuff in our lost and found right now. If you are missing something please check it out and reclaim your stuff. We will hold everything for the rest of this week and then it's headed off to Goodwill to find a new home! Now, here's the coolest thing I saw this weekend. Just the best weightlifter in the world breaking another world record (which was his own record already). This guy has NEVER lost an international competition in his life. Here is is with 246 kg/542 pounds. He weighs 105 kg/231 pounds.

Workout for Monday, December 14 Strict Press 5X8 - 1 Set Every 2 min Start @ 60% - Build Up as Able

Beginner Strength - 1 Set Every 2 min Strict Press 5X5 @ 45/22 or + 5-10 lbs from Last Press Day

For Time: 15-12-9-6-3 HSPU C2B Pull Ups Box Jumps

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