Wednesday, December 16

Language can be a powerful tool when it comes to motivating us in the gym and in life. Just a simple change of language can change how you approach a workout or your diet. I recently saw a study that showed how people can make better choices in their diets by simply changing the language they are using.

Instead of saying "I can't have chocolate cake" you should say "I don't have chocolate cake."

The study showed that only 39% of those that said "can't" chose the healthy option, while 64% of those that said "don't" took the healthy choice.

It seems too easy, but the words you use to talk to yourself make a difference. Using "don't" puts you in control while "can't" leaves the control to someone else and makes you feel powerless.

Take control of the words you use and your life!

Workout for Wednesday, December 16 20 min Not For Time Plank Position DB Rows 5X10 (5 each arm) 10X50' Sled Pushes

"Annie" For Time: 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Sit Ups

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