Thursday, December 17

I've posted about standing desks before, and the research continues to show the positive effects of standing vs. sitting. Check out this story from CNN on how students are using standing desks to stay focused and engaged in class. If you have trouble focusing or you just feel tight all the time, try a standing desk. Sitting all day is not good for you and I think you'll see some mobility and mental benefits from getting out of that chair.

Forget 'Sit down!' Students now standing up to learn

Workout for Thursday, December 17 7 Rounds 30 Sec Deadlift Holds @ 70% Rest 10 sec 30 Sec ME Burpees to Target Rest 10 sec

Take 10 sec to Establish Max Speed

Airdyne Sprints - 10 min 15 sec Sprint @ 70%+ of Max Speed 45 sec Rest

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