Monday, December 28

As a lot of us are traveling during the holiday season or taking days off of work it's easy to slip into a mixed up schedule with irregular sleep patterns. I've been pushing getting eight hours of good sleep for a while now to help with gym performance, work performance and weight loss. All of the science shows that a lack of sleep screws everything else up. Well, more evidence has just come out that shows that irregular sleep can lead to weight gain. Scientists are now saying our body has more than one internal clock. It looks like each system in our body has its own clock and when we sleep and eat at irregular times, those clocks get thrown off and begin competing with each other for resources. Obviously, this is not good.

Listen to the story from NPR below to learn more, and please, try to get regular, quality sleep!

Workout for Monday, December 28 Strict Pull Up Practice 5X5 Weighted Pull Ups 5X5 Negative Pull Ups or Negative Ring Rows

13 min AMRAP 2-4-6-8-10... Strict Pull Ups T2B Strict HSPU Double Unders X5 (10-20-30-40-50...)

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