Tuesday, January 5

As we all try to get back on track after the holidays, I am sure more than a few of us will be re-tooling our diet along with our exercise routines. We talk a lot about eating clean, paleo, natural or whatever other moniker you want to put on it. Basically, eat real food. It seems like this trend is spreading and more and more people are trying to eat real food that is not full of chemicals and genetically modified ingredients.

The food industry seems to be responding to our demands and they are removing some of these chemicals and sourcing foods from more sustainable and healthier places.

Check out the story from NPR on the food trends we saw in 2015, including less artificial food and less food waste. Hopefully these trends will continue and we can spread the gospel of healthy eating even more in 2016.

Workout for Tuesday, January 5 Strict Press 4X10 @ 65-70%

For Time: Buy In with 50 Cal Row then: 21-18-15-12 C2B Pull Ups Wall Balls (20 to 10'/14 to 10') Cash Out with 50 Cal Row

20 min Cap

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