Thursday, January 14

We're starting with ring dips today and we really want you all to focus on the lockout. Finishing at the top in a good position, locked out is not just done for a competition standard. It's because it puts your shoulder in a healthy, stable position and guess what, that makes you more efficient. You will use less energy on each dip if you are in the proper positions. That means you can do more faster. Also, your shoulders stay healthy over the long term.

Watch the video below for a demo and more explanation of the shoulder position and lockout we are looking for. Don't go up in weight on this movement until you achieve that full lockout unloaded! And please don't settle for sloppy reps.

Workout for Thursday, January 14 5X5 Weighted Ring Dips Super Set with: 5 Sets of ME Strict Pull Ups *Sub ME Ring Rows AND Negative Pull Ups*

For Time: Buy In w/ 3 Rounds of Cindy (5 min cap) 3 rounds: Row 25/20 cal Ride 15/10 cal 9 Burpees Cash Out w/ 3 Rounds of Cindy

15 min Cap on Whole WOD

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