Tuesday, January 19

Tom posted this video on Facebook and I am stealing it for the blog. So much of the fitness industry is about looks and numbers, but there is so much more that makes fitness important. We need to approach fitness from a different angle. Fitness is the opposite of sickness. CrossFit actually puts fitness and sickness on opposite ends of the spectrum and wellness is in the middle. That means, if you are fit, and you fall off track you will still be well. But if you're just well, and fall off track, you're very close to being sick.

In the video below, he explains why fitness is more and more important as we get older. You can improve your quality of life and you can extend your life by just doing simple strength and conditioning work as you age.

You don't need to be a body builder, world-class athlete or superstar CrossFitter. You just need to move. Move weights, move your body, just move.

Maintaining lean muscle and joint mobility will make your life better and longer.

If you or anyone you know is intimidated by CrossFit, please push them to give it a try. As Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, said, "CrossFit isn't for everyone, but it is for anyone."

Workout for Tuesday, January 19 10 min to Build Up to Heavy Power Clean + Push Jerk

7 Rounds, 2 min Each Round 7 Cal Airdyne Sprint (10 cal Row) 8 KB Swings (1.5/1) 9 HSPU (kip ok)

After Final Round, Rest 1 min then:

3 Rounds of: 90 Double Unders (Goal is Unbroken Sets) Rest 30 sec *Scale with 1 min Double Under Practice + Rest 30 Sec

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