Wednesday, January 20

Rowing. Some love it. Some hate it. Either way, we can all get better at it. Efficiency and technique on the rower is just as important as any of the other lifts and movements we do. You may be able to get away with bad technique on the rower without getting hurt (short term), but you'll be wasting a lot of energy and time. And you may develop an injury over the long term if you are not in a good position.

The movement on the rower is very similar to a deadlift, but your just moving in a different direction. If you watch the Instagram video below you can see good rowing technique compared to bad/inefficient technique. There's also a really solid explanation of what is going on. For the full video with more information click here.

If your technique is off, please take some time to work on it. It will make you a better rower and keep you injury free. Remember, practicing is great, but if all of that practice goes right out the window when the clock starts it was all for naught. The hundreds of poor pulls done in a workout will wipe out any practice you did beforehand.

#weeklygeek Rowing... it seems hard no matter what you do. Especially when you're a shorty like me, but we can work to make it more efficient. Check out the first 4 pulls. The seat stays relatively back from my ankles and my shins are in a more "vertical" position in relationship to my feet. This allows for a more powerful pull if the back angles stays the same in the drive. You will also see the return where it is hands first, then shoulders, and finally knees after the handle passes them, much like a deadlift. The last four pulls have an inefficient return where I am leading with my knees and the shoulder lags behind. This often results in the seat tapping our heels and creates an excessive angle at the knee that we have to drive out of. You will see me have to reset my hip before starting to pull again in and effort to find the correct "catch position". No Bueno. Slow, inefficient, and less powerful. Check out and click on "the experience" to see a full video breakdown with a simple drill to help out.

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Workout for Wednesday, January 20 Back Squat 1X3 @ 75% 1X2 @ 80% 4X1 @ 85-95%

15 min AMRAP 3-6-9-12-15... Sit Ups Box Jumps T2B Cal Row

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