Monday, January 25

We're going to work on hanstand pushups today and practice the standard used in the CrossFit Open. If you are new to handstand pushups, we'll cover the basics and just work on getting comfortable upside down. Being able to hold a handstand is a great skill to develop. It requires lots of core strength along with the arm strength to hold yourself up. It also helps develop body awareness, which helps you move better in everything you do.

Gymnasts practice handstands from the beginning of their careers and develop body awareness and control that may not be equaled in any other sport. Then, when gymnasts learn new sports and movements they pick them up very quickly. That's because they have a complete understanding of what their body is doing in the space around them. Where is each arm, where are the legs, feet, etc...?

Developing this body awareness will make you a better squatter, pulluper, athlete, and more.

This Open standard was new to everyone last year and we didn't get much practice, so we're not waiting this year. This is simply 20 minutes of practice for whatever skill level you are at with the movement. Watch the video below for more info on the Open standard.

Workout for Monday, January 25 20 min Not For Time Open Standard HSPU Practice 5 Max Effort Sets with Judge Sub HSPU with 5 ME Sets of Seated DB Presses

For Time: 30-20-10 Calories on Bike Sit Ups Burpees

Hip Mobility

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