Thursday, January 28

We have the In-House Competition this Saturday and registration starts at 8 am. We will not have Elements or CrossFit classes on Saturday. We all workout to feel better and live a healthy lifestyle, but let's be honest, we want to look good too. Some of us are trying to lose weight, some are trying to add muscle, some just want to change their body composition (burn fat). Whatever you goal, you activity and diet play make all the difference.

One thing I can assure you is that if you're training hard you need to eat to support those activity levels. Starving yourself gets you nowhere. You body needs fuel to add lean muscle and burn fat.

It's easy to look at any one individual and say, "I want to look like that" without considering what it really takes to "look like that." Changing your body takes dedication and hard work, but once you get it dialed in, it's not that hard.

Check out this video with The Rock on his diet while preparing to play Hercules. He trained a lot and ate a lot. A lot of protein and clean carbs to support his activity and keep his muscle mass.

Yes, he ate the same thing pretty much every day. You don't have to do that, but it is the easiest way to stay on track sometimes.

You also don't have to look like The Rock. If you want to you're going to have to be really strict and really careful about every single thing you put into your body. But you can look pretty darn good and have some fun too. You may not ever get to Rock status, but you can be happy with your body.

Figure out where you want to be and decide how much you are willing to change or sacrifice to get there. If you're unsure of what to do, please talk to one of the coaches.

Workout for Wednesday, January 28 Every 2 min for 6 min: 2 Clean and Jerks (full clean) @ 60-65% Every 2 min for 6 min: 2 Clean and Jerks @ 70-75% Every 2 min for 10 min: 1 Clean and Jerk @ 80%+

9 min AMRAP 9 Ring Dips 10 Alternating Pistols 11 Box Jumps

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