Tuesday, February 2

We're practicing muscle ups today and as you know, we like to work the strict versions of these movements before adding in the kip. The strict muscle up requires a significant amount of strength in a few different movements. You can think of the muscle up in three parts - the pull, the transition and the dip. You need to be strong in all three phases to get the strict muscle up.

So, if you're working on building strength we will break the parts down and work them individually. If you have the muscle up, we'll work through the full movement and try to fix any weaknesses.

Watch the video below for some tips on the strict muscle up.

Workout for Tuesday, February 2 20 min Not For Time of Muscle Up Practice Strict Muscle Ups on Rings + Bar Muscle Ups False Grip Hangs, Pull Ups, Negatives, Ring Rows, Jumping MU

8 min AMRAP: Row 12 Cal 8 Burpees 4 Bar Muscle Ups

Scale Bar Muscle Ups with Jumping Bar MU. Also Scale with 2X C2B or 2X Chin Over Pull Ups.

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