Thursday, February 4

Motivation is a Lie and it’s Hurting Your Physical Progress Ok, before you hate me, read the article.

Done? Good, now let's discuss.

Everyone loves a good motivational quote, video, picture, song, etc... (well, everyone but me and the guy that wrote the article), but how do these things REALLY effect your progress?

Really think about this now. Are you relying on a motivational quote every day to get you to the gym? Are you watching a motivational video every time you want to eat healthy? Is this method sustainable for the rest of your life?

The author's point is that "You are attempting to formulate a habit based solely on your daily desire to operate on sheer willpower."

The problem is that willpower is a limited resource. I've been reading a lot about habits and willpower recently (see The Power of Habit) and the research is clear, willpower can only get you so far. We are human after all, and eventually we can no longer resist temptation.

Your exercise routine and diet need to be based on habits that have real actions and real rewards. If your routine is not habit, looking a motivational pictures will stop working after a while, especially if your day is difficult and zaps your limited willpower.

Now, some of you may walk through life and only see roses and sunshine, but for the rest of us, we're going to need to fall back to good habits that don't require any will power.

Make the good things in your life habit. Find a cue that triggers your routine and then think about the reward you get from doing it. Work ends - time to go the gym (cue), workout with your CrossFit friends (routine), Feel amazing, have fun and look great (rewards).

Workout for Thursday, February 4 Press Complex (work from floor) 5 Working Sets, Building Up as able 3 Strict Press + 4 Push Press + 5 Push Jerks

Using weight from Heaviest working set: 10 min AMRAP 3 Power Snatch 5 Overhead Squats 7 Bar Facing Burpees

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