Wednesday, February 10

We did some aerobic conditioning yesterday and I just wanted to put a little more information out for you to understand why we train the way we do sometimes. I'm not going to go too far into the science of it, but there are three basic energy systems that we use - oxidative, glycolitic, and ATP (these are called different names sometimes too, just to make it more confusing). The oxidative system is commonly known as the aerobic system and that means we are using oxygen for energy. The other two are anaerobic, which means they're not using oxygen to produce energy.

The interesting part is that more and more research is showing that these systems are not completely independent. They all may take the front seat at different points in your training, but they all work together as well. Also, the better your aerobic system, the better the other two work and recover.

Joel Jamieson is one of the leaders in the field of training energy systems. In the videos below he explains the systems and their functions and explains why we need a great aerobic system to be in the best shape possible. (Basically, why I burn out in a WOD and other people can keep going)

Watch the videos for more info on the systems overall and how the aerobic system can help the anaerobic systems get stronger. Also, there are two more videos listed here for the full story.

Workout for Wednesday, February 10 Pistol Practice 8 Rounds of Tabata Pistol Holds Hold 10 Sec, Rest 20 Sec, Alternate Legs Hold in bottom with counter-balance or using band/rig.

Tabata 616 8 Rounds of Each Movement Complete all 8 rds before moving to next movement. Bike for Cal Double Unders Air Squats (for speed) Ring Rows


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