Thursday, February 11

Yesterday we shared a brief part of the video below on our Facebook page. But the entire video is worth watching. Here's the description of the clip from CrossFit's Youtube page:

In his 20’s Pete Katz was an active, healthy guy – he competed in triathlons, was a vegetarian, and at one point even ran a health food store. A knee injury, a demanding job, and family life eventually took over and he eventually found himself overweight and with a growing list of diagnoses and medications. On multiple occasions, he tried different diet and exercise interventions to lose weight, but would always end up right back where he started again. After 20+ years of ups and downs, the threat of having to take an injectable medication for his type 2 diabetes was the last straw, and Pete started a Paleo diet and joined his local CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Painesville. I first met Pete in his primary care physician Dr. Isaacson‘s office as a second year medical student at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Dr. Isaacson serves as the Assistant Dean for Clinical Education at my school, and he is well known among medical students as a master of developing meaningful relationships with his patients and partnering with them to improve their health.

Below is the full podcast from CrossFit athlete and medical student Julie Foucher. Pete was able to beat his diabetes and other metabolic conditions with a good diet and exercise.

Before you watch the episode I want to reiterate something. The following quote is from a comment from a fellow gym member on the Youtube page.

Pete Katz has been a member at CrossFit PAINesville for over 3 years. He joined our affiliate looking to give CrossFit a try, searching for something to keep him moving that would make him stronger and more fit. Obviously CrossFit worked for Peter, who is now one of our CFL1 Trainers on staff who has changed his life for the better. Understand that Peter did the work, not CrossFit, not Paleo dieting, Peter did it. It was the combination of his new found exercising and dieting and his desire to get better. All CF boxes see new members join who are looking for health and fitness, but not every one of those new athletes turn into success stories either. It is the individual and what they do “outside” of our box that makes the difference. We provide awesome tools, if applied correctly and continuing to drive for a desired goal, then solid results can be achieved and lives changed. Pete is a true inspiration to all of us at CrossFit PAINesville!

"Peter did the work." If you want to make a change, you have to do the work. You can't out exercise a bad diet and no one can do it for you.

You can change. You can be healthy and fit. And you can live a long life without relying on medication.

Workout for Thursday, February 11 Shoulder Mobility

Snatch Practice Every 2 min for 16 min Complete: 1 Snatch w/ 2 sec Pause at Top of Knee 1 Snatch *Full Snatches*

Open WOD 11.3 5 min AMRAP 1 Clean (Full Squat) (165/110) 1 Jerk (165/110)

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