Thursday, February 18

Yesterday I posted a video of an older gentleman who had lost his fitness, but was working hard to get back to a healthy lifestyle through CrossFit and a healthy diet. This video is sort of the opposite end of the spectrum. This is part one of the behind the scenes footage of the Masters at the CrossFit Games.

The Masters division starts at 40 years old and goes up to 60+. Every five years is grouped into a division of Masters athelete - so 40-44, 45-49, 50-54 and so on. The top 20 in each division in the world after the Open and Masters qualifier get to go to the CrossFit Games.

I can't tell you how impressive this is. They are all amazing athletes and most of them aren't able to dedicate hours and hours each day to training. In fact, most of them can't anyway as they need more and more recovery as they get older. The training plan of a 53 year old should look a lot different than that of a 23 year old, but they still put in the same effort day to day and on game day.

Hopefully you can appreciate the effort and hard work, even if the movement isn't always perfect. Things just don't move them same as they did when you were a teenager and that's ok. You can still have an active life and enjoy the process.

Also, check out parts 2-4 on Youtube if you have time.

Workout for Thursday, February 18 Not For Time - 7 Rounds of: 2 X 30' Sled Push (down and back) 5 DB Rows Right Arm (plank position) 5 DB Rows Left Arm 5 L Pull Ups (sub w/ ring rows)

Each Round is a Sprint

20 min of HSPU Practice Games Standard - 5 sets of ME w/ Judge Practice Negatives, Handstand Holds, HSPU on Box w/ perfect form.

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