Wednesday, February 24

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any CrossFit class throughout the day! Just a couple of quick notes on the CrossFit Open that starts this week. If you haven't signed up, but want to there's still time. Just head over to and sign up and make sure you choose CrossFit 616 as your affiliate and team.

Since we won't know what the workout will be until late Thursday night we're going to have to guess a little on the programming leading up to Friday. We always try to program things that won't be too taxing on the system and won't leave you really sore. However, you may want to consider taking Thursdays a little easier if you want to maximize your performance in the Open. It's totally up to you and how you feel so pay attention to your body as these weeks go on.

Also, the Open workout will be the scheduled WOD each Friday for the next five weeks. Remember, the last class of the day on Friday will be at noon and then we will have open gym from 3-5. At 5 pm each Friday night we will start Friday Night Lights and begin running heats of the Open workout.

If you can't make it on Friday you have until Monday evening to submit your score each week. Please schedule a time to make up the workout if you can't make it on Friday. You will need a judge to count reps and get an official score (Your judge does not have to be a coach at 616). Also, please be aware that busy class times are not the best time to make up an Open workout. Sometimes the logistics of the Open WOD don't work well when other things are going on and scheduled classes do get priority.

Looking forward to kicking the 2016 Open off with you all! Let's have fun with it and push ourselves to new heights. If you have any questions please let us know and we will see you at Friday Night Lights!

Oh, and I'll be sticking around this week after class to watch the live announcement of workout one if you want to hang out! It starts at 8 pm right after the last class.

Workout for February 24 Every 30 sec for 4 min 3 Thrusters (115/80) As soon as 4 min expires: 3 min AMRAP of Burpees

5 Rounds for time: Bike 10 cal 12 Russian KB Swings Rest 1 min

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