Wednesday, March 2

We are doing some engine building today and we're cycling between two minutes of going hard and five minutes of maintaining an aerobic pace to recover for the next push. Really focus on your heart rate and making sure there is a clear difference in effort between the work and recovery portions of the workout. After that we will have some time to practice some skills. Many of you are still refining your kipping pullups and toes to bar and hopefully we can get that kip working a little better.

Watch the kipping tutorials below for some tips and then be ready to practice in the gym. Remember - DON'T RIP YOUR HANDS! This is just practice, save your hands for the real workouts to come.

Workout for Wednesday, March 2 Shoulder Mobility Focus on Anterior Delt and Clavicular Portion of Pec

Engine Building 2 min Max Burpee Box Jumps (Step Down) 5 min Row/Ride 2 min Max Double Unders 5 min Row/Ride 2 min Max Burpees to Target 5 min Row/Ride

Max Effort on 2 min intervals. Heart Rate Recover to 140-160 BPM during row/ride interval.

Skill Practice in Remaining Class Time Kipping Swing/Kipping Pull Ups or Toes To Bar - DO NOT RIP HANDS! Handstand Walks