Monday, March 7

Nice work again on 16.2! Lots of PR cleans for multiple reps. No matter how far you got, you should be proud of your effort. Saw some really great looking cleans and toes to bar and that just goes to show how hard you have all been working. I also love how that pressure of competition pushes you to new heights. I don't think many of you would have tried and succeeded on some of the weights without that push from the Open. We also saw a lot of you get your toes to bar down. There's just something about competition that makes things click, which is why we always encourage you to compete. If you still need to do 16.2, please come between 2-4 tomorrow if at all possible. If you can't come at that time, let us know when you can make it. Remember, you'll need a judge! Please remember that the classes have priority on equipment.

One other note from our doctor friends. The flu virus going around this year is pretty bad and they are encouraging everyone to get a flu shot. Thanks for looking out for us! And, remember, if you're sick it's best to stay home and rest. Missing a few days won't ruin your fitness.

Workout for Monday, March 7 3 Rounds, 5 min AMRAP each round, Rest 3 min between each 5 Deadlifts (95/65) 5 Hang Power Cleans (95/65) 5 Thrusters (95/65) 5 Muscle Ups or 10 Pull Ups/Jumping Pull Ups

Rest 3 min

3 Rds for time: Row 25/18 cal 100 Double Unders or 1 min Practice