Tuesday, March 8

Last year after the Open I wrote a post about taking advantage of the things you are good at in workouts while continuing to work on your weaknesses. The point being that if you are good at something, really crush that one thing in the workout so you have more time on the things you aren't good at. Sometimes we game things a little too much, focus on the weaknesses, rather than taking advantage of our strengths. This year I have been trying to do that with some success. However, these Open workouts are devised so it doesn't always work. CrossFit HQ has a way of designing these workouts so you can't hide. They balance skill work with strength work or body weight and heavy barbells so you just can't ignore one part of the workout.

This is one factor that makes these workouts so challenging. The people that do really well in the Open just don't have many weaknesses. Yeah, they may be better at weightlifting than gymnastics, but their gymnastics game is pretty strong.

The Open really does reward a broad spectrum of fitness. Most of us CrossFit to stay fit and healthy, and the competitive side is more just for fun. But the competition also shows you something about yourself. It shows what you are good at and really exposes those weaknesses. The best part about that is now we know what those good and bad parts are and we can make a plan to improve all around.

If you've seen something missing from your repertoire over the last couple of weeks, make a mental note. Then after the Open we can plan an attack on how to fill that hole.

Looking forward to the next three weeks and learning more about my abilities and yours!

Workout for Tuesday, March 8 Deadlift 5X3 Building to Heavy Triple *Start at 65% to 70%, Reps MUST be technically sound!

For Time: 50 Burpees 40 Wall Balls 30 Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) 20 Strict Pull Ups (scale w/ ring rows) 10 Burpees