Wednesday, March 9

In case you missed it Tuesday night, the latest Olympic weightlifting cycle started. These cycles run eight weeks and the class meets every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7 pm. There are also two other days of programming for weightlifting that are posted on the whiteboard. Coach Robert has been running our weightlifting program for more than two years, but this will be his last cycle managing the West Michigan Barbell Club. Robert and his family are moving to Texas in late spring and will have to say goodbye to the 616 and WM Barbell community. We can't express how much Robert has meant to this gym and how valuable his service has been to the community here and the business itself.

At the end of this weightlifting cycle, we will host an in-house weightlifting meet to finish things off in style. The meet will be Saturday, April 30 and will be run similar to a sanctioned USA Weightlifting meet. That means each athlete will get three attempts at a snatch and three attempts at a clean and jerk.

This weightlifting meet will replace the classes on that Saturday and all are welcome to come lift, even if you can't attend the weightlifting class on a regular basis. We will have some open gym time before the meet if you want to workout, and we will announce the time of that as soon as possible.

We will have a sign up sheet so we can plan the times accurately and we will get out more details on the rules and details of a weightlifting meet soon. This is a great way for you to experience the sport of weightlifting and find out your max lifts in a fun, supportive environment.

After the meet, stick around for a BBQ to celebrate Robert's time with WM Barbell and to say thank you for his coaching over the years.

Workout for Wednesday, March 9 20 min to Build Up to Heavy Triple Overhead Squat from Floor

9 min AMRAP 3-6-9-12-15... Overhead Squats Bar Hop Burpees T2B