Thursday, March 10

On April 23 we will be the host site for a seminar with Train Out Pain Chiropractic. Dr. Jason Ross at Train Out Pain is bringing in his coach, Will Chung for a two-day seminar on human movement. Here's a description of the seminar from Dr. Ross:

Coach Will is teaching a day and a half movement based workshop. Will has a unique vision and understanding of how the body expresses integrated movement. He has a different lens for musculoskeletal issues that he addresses with his Triple Chain Theory. His back ground is from Martial arts but his teaching is so much more than Martial movement. Anyone that has a desire to move better, be stronger and stay healthy is encouraged to attend. If you are a human being that wants to improve at any aspect of sport and life, you will find tremendous application. His training philosophy and drills encompass and integrate movement, structural integrity, mobility, flexibility, strength training and so much more. He is the coach to the coaches and is the teacher to many of todays movements specialist. He is tremendous teacher and a genuine movement master. Come play with us and experience ChungFU, you will leave a better human being.

The seminar will be an all day event on Saturday and half day on Sunday and we will have exact hours out soon. We will have some open gym time before the seminar begins Saturday morning for those of you that want to workout.

This event is open to anyone that wants to learn more about how the body should move, not just 616 members. Dr. Ross is promoting the event as well and it is expected to sell out. Tickets are $200 before April 1 and $250 after that.

Click here to order tickets now.

Workout for Thursday, March 10 Row/Ride 5 min 5 min AMRAP 9 Sit Ups 9 Ball Slams Row/Ride 5 min 3 min AMRAP 9 Slam Ball Twists 30 Double Unders or Single Unders Row/Ride 5 min

Hip/Hamstring Mobility in Remaining Class Time