Friday, March 18

We've got Open WOD 16.4 tomorrow and it's a doozy of a chipper. We will be warming up and hitting some posterior chain mobility hard to prepare for this WOD. Deadlifts, wall balls, and rowing all demand those hamstrings and glutes to work. It's important that your back muscles don't try to pick up the slack of inefficiency. Stay efficient with a flat back on your deadlifts, keep your core engaged in the bottom of your wall ball shots, and activate your core and lats every time you pull on the rower. Once to the handstand push ups, use everything you've got to kip powerfully and avoid hitting complete failure. This one should be fun!!! Here's a link for the workout description:

Open WOD 16.4 Description

Workout for Friday, March 18 Posterior Chain Mobility

Open WOD 16.4 13 min AMRAP 55 Deadlifts (225/155) 55 Wall Balls (20# to 10'/14# to 9') 55 Calorie Row 55 Handstand Push Ups