Monday, March 21

Another Open WOD has been dominated by you all! Great work on Open WOD 16.4 everyone. It was a high paced, non-stop grinder and you all rose to the occasion. We've got one more Open WOD coming up this week which is a bittersweet end to the Open season. Of course, we look forward to the Open and hope to peak our fitness each week that an Open WOD is posted, but it's also the beginning of our journey towards another year of improving our fitness. Think about it, we get another year to improve on where we are today. We've had the past few weeks of the Open to expose our weaknesses and to show us where we must improve. Even if you have no thought of becoming competitive in CrossFit, the Open has its ability to expose weaknesses and tell us what we should focus on getting better at to be more fit individuals. It's really the beauty of what CrossFit offers compared to other workout programs. Competitive athletes along with those who just want a great workout get to measure where they are right now in the beginning of 2016 to compare it to where they are at in the months and years to come. We get to view our progress with measurable and repeatable evidence to show improved work capacity, strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. These are all things that make our lives better inside and outside of the gym. As coaches we could not be prouder of what you've all accomplished this Open season as athletes and as the CrossFit 616 Community. You've done more than you thought you could and you've encouraged one another to reach beyond previous expectations. Let's continue to come together as a community for another Open WOD this week and end things without holding one ounce of effort back. And once the Open season concludes let's rally as a community to work as hard as we can each week to better ourselves in every way possible.

Workout For Monday, March 21 For Time: 21 Thrusters (115/85) 21 Pull ups 15 Thrusters (115/85) 15 Pull Ups Rest 2 min 15 Thrusters (115/85) 15 Pull Ups 9 Thrusters (115/85) 9 Pull Ups *13 min Time Cap* Rest 2 min 6 min to find 1RM Thruster from Floor

2,000m Recovery Row Target Heart Rate of 140-160 Beats Per Minute