Wednesday, March 30

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend that has never tried CrossFit to any class throughout the day! Now, all of us struggle with motivation from time to time. Some days are easy, but sometimes we find ourselves in a funk that just seems impossible to escape. How can we regain our motivation?

The good news is that we can practice self-motivation and get better at it. By making decisions that put you in charge of the situation you will develop an impulse towards being proactive.

Watch the video below on how the Marines have used the concept of subversive decision making to give their soldiers a "bias towards action." The Marines became more motivated and better decision makers. The funny thing is, this concept has shown up in nursing homes as well.

Watch the video for the full explanation and think about how you can make decisions that will make you internally motivated and biased towards action.

Workout for Wednesday, March 30 Front Squat 3X6 @ 65% 2X5 @ 70%

11 min AMRAP 30 Box Jumps(24/20) 40 Burpees 50 Walking Lunges (25 steps each leg, alternating) 60 Pull Ups 70 Double Unders