Thursday, March 31

We've posted a little about this before, but I saw the video below from the US Anti-Doping Agency and thought it was worth sharing again. Dietary supplements - protein, vitamins, etc... - are not regulated by the FDA. That means no one is testing these things to make sure the ingredients are accurate.

I know, it is completely insane to think about, but the industry has a lot of power and has been successful in keeping the government out of the way.

The video is directed at athletes that are competing in Olympic sports that get tested, but the info is good for everyone. Always do your research before taking a supplement. Know why you are taking it and make sure you know what is in it.

Our recommendation is to eat real food and get most of your nutrients from that. If you are in need of a supplement, please talk to a coach or your doctor if you are unsure of how to proceed.

Decoding the Dietary Supplement Industry

Can you decode the dietary supplement industry?

Posted by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Workout for Thursday, March 31 Clean and Jerk Practice Complete 8 Reps at each weight as quickly as possible. 135/95 - 75/55 155/105 - 95/65 185/125 - 105/75 205/135 - 115/85 *Rest EXACTLY 2 min Between Sets*

Airdyne Intervals - 10 Rounds 20 sec Max Effort 40 sec Rest