Thursday, April 7

Here's a quick interview with CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman from CNBC. If you don't know the history of CrossFit or anything about its founder I encourage you to watch the interview and read the accompanying article. CrossFit the brand and Glassman can sometimes be a bit controversial - battles with Coca-Cola, NSCA, etc... - but at the heart of it all is a company that wants to make people healthy and fit.

Glassman says his business is not just about making money, and we believe that, and we try to run 616 the same way.

Workout for Thursday, April 7 Back Squat 1X10 @ 60% 2X6 @ 70% 1X5 @ 75% 2X3 @ 80%

Tabata Core - 8 Rounds (16 min) 20 sec work, 10 sec rest L-Sit Hold (Rings, Boxes, or Hanging) Plank Hold (Right Hand Up, Left Foot Up) Plank Hold (Left Hand Up, Right Foot Up) Hollow Rocks *Cycle Through Each Movement*