Wednesday, April 13

We've talked about goal setting in the past. How to set them and how to achieve them. Goals should be behavior based so you have the control to reach them rather than outcome based that may be totally out of your control. But today I want to talk about your "why." Finding your why is a phrase that keeps popping up in everything I read lately. Usually this is referring to your fitness journey and why you are on a particular path.

Finding your why keeps you moving in the right direction. It allows you to stay grounded and gives you motivation to keep going.

If you have a clear und purposeful reason for training then the outcome becomes less important. Your score on a workout or your time in a race doesn't determine your happiness. You train for something more than that. But what is it?

Miranda Oldroyd posted a worksheet for finding your why if you aren't sure what it is. Simple questions for you to answer to figure out where you are going and why you are going there.

If you are unsure of your purpose for training or anything else, I encourage you take answer the questions on that worksheet and find your why. You may find your training become much more rewarding.

And here's a really good Ted talk about finding your why and how companies that use the "why" instead of the "what" tend to be much more successful.

Workout for Wednesday, April 13 9 Sets, 1 Set Every 2:30 Complete 1 Complex of 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Full Clean 1 Jerk Start No Higher Than 50% of Front Squat Build Up with Solid Lifts

For Time: 100 Wall Balls (20# to 10', 14# to 10') *5 Burpees EMOTM (start 1 min into WOD)*