Friday, April 15

It's construction season again in Michigan and it looks like we are going to have to deal with it around the gym. Starting Friday night at 10 pm through July the on-ramp to Southbound 131 from Turner Ave. will be closed. Your best bet is to keep going down Turner and hop on 131 South at Leonard St. Sorry for any inconvenience, but wanted to give you a heads up! You will not be able to get off 131 South at Leonard though if you come that way, so don't miss the Ann St. exit. Here's a link to the MDOT site with more info. Friday, Weekly Roundup time! Don't forget to pay your taxes!

1. Mary Lou Retton tells you how to get it done. Don't let anyone stand in your way and put in the work!

2. "If the roof is crooked, make sure the foundation is level." This is a quote from a recent CrossFit Journal article on footwork in the Olympic lifts. Olympic weightlifting coach Mike Burgener often says 90% of missed lifts can be attributed to the feet. We talk a lot about keeping the weight back, but there is some shifting of weight from the front to back as the bar comes off the floor to the knees, and you don't want to exaggerate either way. Read the article (it's short) and check out the pictures for more explanation.

Workout for Friday, April 15 Tempo Front Squat 3X2 @ 70-75% 3 sec descent, 3 sec pause, stand.

Front Squat - Regular Tempo 3X5 @ 75%

5 Rounds For Time: 8 Dumbbell Snatches (Alternating Arms) 16 T2B