Monday, April 18

This weekend we are hosting the Will Chung Seminar with Train Out Pain Chiropractic. The seminar is a full day event on Saturday and a half day on Sunday. There are still spots available if you'd like to register. Due to the seminar, our Saturday classes have been canceled, including Elements, but we will have open gym time from 7:30 am to 8:30 am. Feel free to come in and work on whatever you want, but we will have a workout for you if aren't sure what to do.

Also, looking ahead a little bit, we will host Memorial Day Murph on Monday, May 30. We will have more info coming, but you're going to see a few workouts over the next month to get you ready for it. It's a high volume workout and you should build to that volume before trying the full workout. I encourage you to try to get in these prep workouts when you can so you are ready to give it your all on Memorial Day.

Workout for Monday, April 18 5 Rounds, 3 min Each Round 1st Min: 5 C2B Pull Ups + 20 Double Unders 2nd Min: 10 HR Push Ups + 20 Double Unders 3rd Min: 15 Air Squats + 20 Double Unders *DU Scale: Complete 10 DU if able, or 5 attempts.

EMOTM for 12 min 1 Snatch Build Up in Weight with Solid Lifts