Wednesday, April 27

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class today so he or she can experience CrossFit 616!

I was in the grocery store today and bought a 20-pound bag of rice. I got to the checkout and was asked by the lady running the lane if I needed help scanning the bag of rice. Now, I know I'm not the biggest guy in the world but don't think I look that weak. (I know I'm setting you all up to harass me now).

Anyway, the point is that I didn't need help lifting the bag. And I am very thankful for that. Sometimes we take the little things for granted. We get upset that we missed the 200 pound clean and jerk, but we forget that almost every day we are doing things that a large population of people can not.

I was listening to an interview with Dan "Nitro" Clark of American Gladiators fame who is now a competitive CrossFit athlete, and he has a practice of asking himself at the end of each day "What was great about today?" He lists three things each day that were great. I love this idea and I am going to try to do it each day. These things don't have to be earth shattering. Maybe you ran into an old friend. Maybe you ate the best apple you have ever eaten. Maybe you got your first pull up.

Every day amazing things happen to us that don't happen to everyone else. I was able to lift my groceries and carry them upstairs without pain. That is something to be thankful for.

It's so easy to focus on the negative. To get really upset that someone cut you off. To hold onto the anger you felt when your boss made you do extra work yesterday. To smash your remote control because your Netflix isn't streaming.

I can't believe how mad I get sometimes over stupid things like that. None of that stuff matters.

Be thankful for the things you can do. Be thankful you can lift 20-pounds of rice. Be thankful you can workout. Be thankful you have a community of people that really do care about you.

I'm going to do a better job of focusing on the positive as I move forward. I hope you join me and do the same.

Workout for Wednesday, April 27 Josh Bridges Challenge Complete 84 Bar Facing Burpees *Time Cap: 7:15*

6 min AMRAP 5-10-15-20-25...Increase by 5 reps Sit Ups Russian KB Swings (2/1.5)

Running Speed Work - 4 Rounds Run 400m @ Pace 15-20 sec under 1 Mile Pace from 4/14/16 Rest 1 min