Monday, May 2

Sometimes I am hesitant to post too much technical stuff here because I don't want to confuse or bore anyone. But this deadlift video from Gray Cook, creator of the Functional Movement Screen, really explains what we are looking for. The hip hinge of the deadlift is an important move to master. If you don't hinge properly at the hips you are loading the wrong muscles and opening up yourself to injury.

We're going to do some single leg deadlifts to specifically target the glutes and hamstrings and to see if we find any imbalances side to side. If we do see a weakness on one side we can start to target that and fix it. Also, the single leg deadlift forces your core to engage to keep you from rotating so we're going to work the obliques, which seem to be a weakness among a lot of CrossFitters.

Workout for Monday, May 2 Deadlift Single Leg KB Deadlifts 5X7 Focusing on Posture and Glute/Hamstring Activation

5 Rounds for Time: Run 400m 9 Push Press (115/85) 6 Front Squats (115/85)