Wednesday, May 4

I know we've had a couple of Saturday off from our regular schedule but we are back at it this week with Elements at 8:30 and CrossFit at 9:30 and 10:30 am. Please remember to sign up in advance through the Mindbody app or in the gym for the CrossFit classes. This really helps Saturdays run better. Now, my story of the day. Apparently strangers like to disclose their personal info to me. Not sure why, but once again at Meijer the cashier decided to discuss the details of my cart.

This time, it was that she couldn't eat any of the stuff I was buying. I was very confused. My cart was full of spinach, eggs, tomato sauce, bananas - generally healthy/nutritious stuff.

But, turns out spinach and tomatoes and lots of other foods are not good if you have a kidney stone, which she did.

So, the discussion of what you can and can't eat ensued and it came down to the main thing she needed to do was drink more water. This all according to her doctor. I really didn't have much input on the subject - just don't know much about it.

She proceeded to tell me that drinking more water (around 64 ounces a day) was the best thing she could do to help her, but that was really hard and she didn't do it most days.

OK, I'm not judging anyone here (or trying not to), but I have a serious problem with this. I mean, all you have to do is drink 64 ounces of water to feel a little better, but that is too hard?

This is a reflection of the society we live in today. No one wants to do the work. Even the smallest amount of work possible is too much. Just give me a pill.

This is why I love CrossFitters. You guys show up and put in work. If you want to lose weight you change your diet and work hard in the gym. If you want to get a pull up, you stay after and practice pull ups. You realize that anything worth achieving requires hard work and is worth it.

I recently watched the documentary Prescription Thugs that digs into the real drug problem in this country. I don't remember the stats, but prescription drugs are abused much more than street drugs.

It's just too easy to get and take a pill. And it's way too hard to drink enough water each day.

I could rant on this all day, but you get the point. I truly believe that most of us know what we need to do to reach our goals. But do we do it? We are all guilty, me as much as the next person.

Let's stop looking for the easy way. Let's embrace the journey. The goals are so much more rewarding that way.

Workout for Wednesday, May 4 8 Rounds, 1 Round Every 2:30 1 Power Snatch 1 Hang Full Snatch 1 Overhead Squat *Build Up In Weight with Good Reps*

Back Squat 3X5 @ 80% 2X8 @ 65%

Finsher: 5 Rounds, 1 min Each Round 10 Cal Airdyne 5 Burpees