Thursday, May 5

As we work our way into running season it's always a good idea to revisit our technique before we head out the door. We've heard more than a few people say that their lower backs get tight when running and this is usually caused by a fault in our form - most like overextension of the low back. If you can focus on your posture and keep the abs engaged you will keep the hips aligned and keep your back from overextending.

Check out the graphic below with four steps for good running and watch the video for further explanation.


Good Form Running - Grant Robison from Good Form on Vimeo.

Workout for Thursday, May 5 5 min AMRAP 12 Push Ups 10 Power Cleans (135/95) Rest 3 min 5 min AMRAP 8 Push Ups 8 Deadlifts (135/95) Rest 3 min 5 Rounds for time: Run 1 Lap (220m) 6 Push Ups 12 Toes to Bar