Monday, May 16

After watching Weightlifting Olympic trials and the first weekend of CrossFit Regionals over the last couple of weeks I've really been astounded by the amount of work people are putting in to reach their goals. It is so hard to qualify for the CrossFit Games and it's seemingly impossible to make the Olympics, but there are people dedicating their lives to training for what they want.

It's not just hard to win on event day, but the real grind is every day over the years leading up to the competition. I have so much respect for anyone willing to put in that kind of work to reach their goals.

It's just a reminder that anything worth doing is worth doing well and if you want to reach greatness it's going to be hard. And it should be.

Whatever you want to do, strive for greatness, but realize it is going to be hard. Embrace that and push forward. Remember, it's not about getting there tomorrow. A real goal of greatness is going to take time to reach. It's going to be a grind and you're going to have to fight.

That makes it so much better when you get there too.

I am so inspired by watching these athletes. Or really watching anyone perform at the highest level in anything.

Here's some highlights from this past weekend of Regionals so hopefully you can get inspired to work hard for your goals in the gym and in life.

Workout for Monday, May 16 Running Intervals - 4 Rounds 400m Run Rest 2 min Goal is 5 to 10 seconds faster than 1/4 mile splits on timed mile.

5 Rounds of: 100m Sprints Recovery is walk back to starting line.

8 min AMRAP 8 Wall Balls 8 Push Ups 8 Pull Ups