Tuesday, May 17

The hook grip. It's something we talk about every time we clean or snatch, and it is imperative to get comfortable with it. The hook grip gives you the strongest possible grip on the barbell. It keeps you from having to squeeze the bar really hard and it sends a signal to the brain that your grip is secure.

This is the most important part - your brain will slow your legs and hips down to compensate for a weaker grip. You can no lift maximum loads without the hook grip.

Yes, it hurts a little at first, but it gets better and you won't even notice after a couple of weeks.

Here's CrossFit weightlifting coach Josh Everett explaining why we need to use the hook grip on these fast lifts.

Workout for Tuesday, May 17 Front Squat 3X3 @ 75% 2X3 @ 80%

13 min AMRAP 6 Power Snatches (95/65) 7 Overhead Squats 8 Bar Hop Burpees