Wednesday, May 18

We've all got those problem areas in our movement. Tight shoulders, hips, whatever. So, what do we do? Dr. Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD says we should all be able to perform basic maintenance on ourselves. If something is tight, we should be able to fix it without having to go straight to the doctor.

Mobility restrictions are not overnight fixes. It really takes dedication and consistency over the long term to help. But you can get better with some work each day.

If you have a specific movement restriction, I'd like you to consider how much time you are putting in to fixing it. If you aren't spending at least a few minutes a day working on it, can you really expect it to get better?

Check out this video from Mobility WOD with a quick shoulder mobilization. Even just the simple barbell on your trap mobilization can make a significant difference in how you move overhead. And guess what? If you move better overhead, there is less likelihood of pain developing.

We try to throw some of these mobilizations into class when we can, but we don't always have time to get it all in. If you have an extra few minutes before class, this is a great one to prep for the push press work.

Workout for Wednesday, May 18 EMOTM for 9 min Min 1-3: 3 Push Press @ 75 - 80% Min 4-6: 4 Push Press @ 65 - 70% Min 7-9: 5 Push Press @ 55 - 60%

3 Rounds for Time: 5 DB Snatches Right Arm 5 DB Snatches Left Arm 10 Ring Dips Run 400m