Friday, May 20

Weekly Roundup time! 1. We could all stand to get better at double unders. Even if you have them, you can be faster and more efficient. Here are some tips from Chris Spealler on developing a good jump. He shows some good reps first then shows bad reps. Read his full explanation below the video.

#weeklygeek The ever elusive double under for some of you may be a simple fix. Working on the simple mechanics of jumping efficiently in single under with a variety of footwork can help create a solid base. When you jump you should keep your belly slightly tight which will allow you to feel more “spring” in your jump. This is a good thing since it will create more power transfer in your jump and allow for more efficiency of movement. The less height we have in our jump, the less energy we expend. This also means I’m going to need some rope speed so I don’t trip up. The first few single under show some simple and effective drills you can use to start working on a strong midline and simple footwork/timing which will help with your double unders. The second portion of jumping shows me being “lazy” through my midline. Things are slower and may appear “loose” when I’m moving. If we do that in our single unders it’s likely to crop up in our doubles. Poor jumping mechanics and hand position can result in thing like piking, donkey kicking, or tucking when working on your double under which is all wasted energy. Simple jumping mechanics, hand position, and timing are a recipe for success. To check out a full breakdown including the correct rope length, and digging in on the details go to and click on “The Vault” or and click on “The Experience”. #iconathlete #teamspeal

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2. Mastered the ring dip and muscle up? Maybe it's time to develop some real strength on the rings. Check out the world record iron cross hold.

3. Daaaaammmmnnnn CrossFit. Back at it again with those Regionals. That's right, the next round of Regionals is this weekend. Catch all the action at!

Workout for Friday, May 20 10 min of Handstand and HSPU Practice *Holding Handstand, DB Press, HSPU* *3 ME Sets, Rest 30 sec between* 10 min of Kipping Pull Up Practice *3 ME Sets, Rest 30 sec between*

11 min AMRAP 5 Thrusters (115/85) 10 Ring Rows 15 Cal Bike