Friday, May 27

Remember that Monday is Memorial Day and we have a limited schedule! We have added a class time at 6:45 am if you'd like to get Murph in early. The only other class times are 9 am and 10:30 am. Weekly Roundup!


2. WHY I LOVE BURPEES - from CrossFit Invictus

3. It's the final weekend of Regionals and it's finally time for the Central! The Central Regional features athletes from the Central East (our region) and the North Central. You can follow all of the action at

Workout for Friday, May 27 Kettlebell windmills

3x3 on each side

12 min to Find 5 Rep Max Push Press Make 3 Working Attempts to Establish 5 RM

10 Rounds, 1:30 each Round 7/5 Cal Airdyne Sprint 5 Burpees Shuttle Sprint 30' X4 (down, back, down, back)

If you don't complete a round rest the following round then continue.