Friday, June 3

Be on the lookout for new CrossFit 616 t-shirt coming soon. We will be taking pre-orders for the limited-edition summer shirt and will have a sign up sheet available very soon. Weekly Roundup!

1. A lot of us want that muscle up and you know we like to start with the strict version before kipping. Check out this video on how to pull and transition in the strict muscle up from Chris Spealler.

#weeklygeek The way we pull in our strict muscle up is super important when it comes to success or failure. Our torso position will allow our hands to be in the correct position for an easier transition to the dip. The false grip will also help as it both shortens the lever arm in which we have to pull as well as gives us a grip that allows us to both pull and press from. In the first rep I don’t have a false grip as well as neglect leaning back. My hands don’t get far enough down my chest to transition. The second rep again shows me without a false grip but I am also rotating my hands out too early which leads to failure in the transition as well. Rep 3 shows me with a false grip but not leaning back. The result is my hands ending up more at my collar bone instead of my sternum which is needed for the transition. Rep 4 is with a false grip but no lean back and rotating the rings out early. Again, ended up in a failed attempt. Rep 5 and 6 show the importance of leaning back and being patient in our pull. By staying “tight” from my shoulders to my heels and leaning back while pulling fast, my hands are able to end up at my sternum. I also don’t start the transition where I rotate the rings into my armpits until I am at the peak of my pull. Once there I can let my feet start to fall back as I transition through to the ring dip. False grip ring rows and strict chest to bar pull ups can help build the pulling power necessary to achieve this. For a full video breakdown go to and click on “the vault” or and click on “the experience”. #iconathlete #teamspeal

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Workout for Friday, June 3 Front Squat 3X3 @ 80% - 85% 2X10 @ 60%

"Nancy" 5 Rounds For Time: Run 400m 15 Overhead Squats (95/65)