Tuesday, June 7

I finally feel safe saying summer (or at least warm weather) has officially arrived. With that we're switching to our summer weekend schedule. That means just one Saturday morning class at 9:30 am. We've gone to one class on Saturdays the last couple of years because no one has really attended the later class and it seems that trend has already started again this year. We are adding more spots to the 9:30 am class because we are able to expand outside and make room for a few more people now that the weather is nice. You do still need to sign up in advance for this class.

Remember that Saturday, June 18 is the Midsummer Meltdown competition here so we will not have classes at all that day. If you aren't competing we can always use more help running the event.

Also, Saturday, June 25 is our beach workout! We will have class at Grand Haven State Park at 10 am and then enjoy the day on the beach.

So starting July 2 we will no longer have the 10:30 am class on Saturday. However, this class will resume in the fall as long as there are no other major developments.

Workout for Tuesday, June 7 Back Squat 1X5 @ 75% 2X2 @ 80% 2X2 @ 85% 1X10 @ 65%

9 min AMRAP 12 Pull ups 9 Deadlifts (185/125) 6 Bar Facing Burpees