Monday, June 13

We're repeating the Triple Three from the CrossFit Games tomorrow. Many of you did this workout last year and I for one and looking forward to giving it another shot. For those of you that haven't tried this workout, this is your chance to do a workout from the CrossFit Games! It's a great test of endurance and should be valued as a way to improve your aerobic capacity.

There are some built in time caps to keep you moving and the workout will be scaled when appropriate so please try to get this one in.

Don't let a long workout scare you. Think about your pacing before you start and just keep moving steady.

This workout is doable for everyone and we don't get to train this longer time domain regularly. It is an important part of your fitness and we should look forward to improving wherever possible.

Workout for Monday, June 13 2014 Games WOD "Triple 3" Row 3,000 meters (15 min cap) 300 Double Unders (7 min cap) Run 3 miles (28 min cap) (50 min total cap)