Thursday, June 16

Remember that there are two volunteer meetings this week for the Midsummer Meltdown. Plase attend ONE of the meetings if you can volunteer. Thank you!Thursday, June 16 - 7 pm Friday, June 17 - 6 pm

I was talking about keeping the shoulders down while overhead rather than shrugging and someone said that it is really hard to do/think about while moving fast. He is correct. When moving at speed or high intensity you will not be able to control certain movement patterns unless you have trained them properly at lower weights and slower, controlled reps.

You may have noticed we are incorporating more and more lat and oblique specific movements into our workouts recently. That's because we need to strengthen the lats and obliques so we can properly control weight, especially overhead.

Many of us have relied on the traps and other small shoulder muscles to control the weight and the shoulders are starting to feel it.

By strengthening the lats and obliques we will allow those muscles to take over without having to think about it. They will naturally be the dominant muscles and do the job they are supposed to do.

Watch the video below on the landmine row and notice where he says you should feel this movement. When you are doing the exercise in class, pay attention to where you feel it and make sure you are hitting the right spots. Strengthening the right areas will allow you to do more and keep you healthy long term.

Workout for Thursday, June 16 20 min Not For Time Complete the Following: 5X5 Landmine Rows (5 each arm each set) 10 Sled Pull Sprints (hand over hand, light)

5 Rounds for Time: 25 Double Unders 7 Deadlifts (275/185) 25 Double Unders 14 Sit Ups