Monday, June 20

Just need to say thank you to you all for your help on Saturday! The Midsummer Meltdown was a huge success and ran as smoothly as we could hope for. None of that would have happened without your help and we can not thank you enough! To those of you that competed we want to say congratulations. It's not about where you ended it up on the leaderboard, but how you pushed and hopefully learned some things about yourself. It was a pleasure watching you compete and you all represented 616 well. We are proud of the way you move and your effort.

Remember that this Saturday is the Beach WOD at Grand Haven State Park at 10 am. I'll get a map up soon to show where we will meet.

Workout for Monday, June 20 Snatch Complex - Take 18 min to find Heavy Complex for Today 1 Full Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats *Must complete entire complex before adding weight*

3 Rounds for Time: Run 1 Lap (220m) 10 Front Rack Lunges (115/85) 10 OHS (115/85)