Wednesday, June 29

It's the last Wednesday of the month and that means it's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class today so he or she can try CrossFit! Here's my weekly repost from Chris Spealler. This is one we see A LOT! The dreaded muted hip. Please read his description below the video for the full explanation. You need to be able to close the hip properly in order to open it with power and be in the proper position to receive the bar in the clean or snatch.

#weeklygeek The muted hip is often misunderstood as a lack of hip extension. Muting your hip is actually never even closing it in the first place which would allow us to utilize our hammies, glutes and low back. You end up having to use almost all quad to extend the knee. It frequently crops up in 2 places. The first 2 reps of the push press show me “muting” my hip. All quad and no break at the hip. The next 2 show me pushing my hips back and knees forward allowing me to keep my torso upright as well as a closing of the hip. The second place we commonly see a muted hip is in the receiving position of a clean and sometimes a snatch. The first 2 reps of the clean show me receiving the bar with more of a muted hip. Wider stance and jumping forward is also commonly associated with this which you can also see here. The last 2 reps show me receiving the bar with my hips back and down, ready to squat if necessary. Lighter weight, using a wall for positioning drills to feel our shoulders and hips stacked, and practice will all help resolve the issue. In the overhead movements I see it common with lighter weights, and the receiving position of the clean or snatch with heavier weights. Not always the case but most often. For a full video breakdown and some additional cues and tips to make improvements head over to and click on “The Vault” or and click on “The Experience” #iconathlete #teamspeal

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Workout for Wednesday, June 29 Wednesday Friendsday

Running Intervals 4X400m Rest 2 min Between Each Aim for 10 to 15 sec under quarter mile time from timed mile.

7 min Not For Time: Complete 5 Farmers Carries on Each Arm Dumbbell or KB - 60 ft Carries

8 min AMRAP 7 Burpees to a Plate 5 Toes to Bar 7 Ball Slams