Friday, July 1

Remember we only have one CrossFit class at 9:30 am on Saturdays right now. (still have 8:30 am Elements). Also, remember that we have just one class Monday, July 4 at 8 am. You do need to sign up in advance for the Saturday CrossFit class still. Don't need to sign up for Monday. Weekly Roundup!

1. Eggs Don’t Cause Heart Attacks — Sugar Does

"Oops. Fifty years of doctors’ advice and government eating guidelines have been wrong. We’ve been told to swap eggs for cereal. But that recommendation is dead wrong. In fact, it’s very likely that this bad advice has killed millions of Americans."


16 year-old CJ Cummings (-69kg, USA) clean and jerking a new Youth World Record 180kg/396lb at the 2016 Junior Worlds! He won the championship with a 6/6 performance including a best snatch of 137kg/302lb and this C&J! The old record was 173kg and he made both 175kg and 180kg with the 180kg also setting a 317kg Youth World Record in the total! The 180kg and 317kg are also Senior American Records. Congrats CJ!


4. 'Crossfit training saved my life'

After swimming more than a mile to safety she said, "Thought about Crossfit and wall balls and the forsaken assault bike and that this was nothing compared to those"

Workout for Friday, July 1 12 min Not For Time: Weighted Chin Ups (reverse/supinated grip) 4X5 Building Up in Weight During Chin Up Rest: Handstand Practice Handstand Holds and Handstand Walking

11 min AMRAP 2-4-6-8-10... Deficit HSPU (4") Lunging Plate Twists (45/25) 100' Ball Carry Every Round (20# or Heavier for All) *Ball Must be Carried in Front at Chest/Abdomen*