Thursday, July 7

We're going to the Whitecaps game on Saturday, July 23! There is a sign up sheet for tickets at the gym. Add your name and the number of tickets. If you give us cash we will mark you paid, otherwise we will bill your account.

Tickets are $5 each and the game starts at 7 pm.

Also, as a bonus to kick of the baseball day, Whitecaps strength and conditioning coach Allan Williamson will be joining us for the workout on the morning of the 23rd. He'll take us through some warm up stuff the team does and answer some questions on how a professional athlete trains for his or her specific sport.

Your body is constantly refreshing and renewing. All the more reason to start taking care of it as soon as possible. So how often do the cells in our body change over? Turns out, each system has it's own lifespan. And some cells never leave us.

Check out the video from NPR on how often each part of our body renews

Workout for Thursday, July 7 15 min Not For Time Complete the Following: 3 Sets of 7 Landmine Rows (on each arm) 3 Sets of 7 Sandbag Squats (or other heavy object) 8 Rope Climbs or Rope Climb Progressions

12 min AMRAP 6 KB Overhead Lunges (Right Arm) 6 KB Overhead Lunges (Left Arm) 5 T2B 3 Bar Muscle Ups *Alternate Legs during lunges, 1.5/1 for weight **Scale T2B/BMU with 5 High Knees + 5 Jumping Pull Ups