Tuesday, July 19

The CrossFit Games start this week and there's lots of exciting action to watch between the teens, masters, teams and individuals. There's a live stream of it all at games.crossfit.com if you want to watch. Every year the sport of CrossFit grows and the workouts get more and more challenging. It's been amazing to see the evolution of the sport. But CrossFit is not just a sport. The really important part is what we do every day in the gym.

Through CrossFit, we are reaching more and more people with the message of living a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and exercise are not just things reserved for elite athletes.

The CrossFit Games is a great marketing tool to show what humans are capable of doing, but don't get caught up in the competitive side. Don't let the performance of the best athletes in the world make you feel bad either. Use them as inspiration and know that you are capable of so much more than where you are right now.

I'm as excited as anyone to watch the Games every year, but I get just as excited to see someone get their first pullup or hit a new one-rep max. Looking forward to watching the Games all week and getting invigorated to train hard every day!

Workout for Tuesday, July 19 Death By Burpee to Plate Start with 5 Burpees Minute 1 Add 1 Burpee Each Minute Cap of 10 min If Round is Failed before 10 min, Repeat Last Successful Round as Long as Possible

20 min EMOTM Odd min: 5 Ring Dips 7 Ball Slams 9 Sit Ups Even min: 40 Unbroken Double Unders *If Double Unders Are Broken Do 5 Penalty Burpees Immediately