Wednesday, July 20

We're starting our squats today without the barbell. We're going to squat an odd object like a sandbag or medicine ball to help prepare us for the bar. The reason the sandbag or med ball squat works it that it forces you to brace your obliques more than a barbell. With the bar, you can cheat and brace against the bar. While holding a sandbag, you have to use your abdominals and obliques. And these are the muscles that keep your spine stable.

Stability and structure are key for good position, strength and safety. Without having a strong core, you are opening yourself to injury and definitely limiting performance.

Building stability equally on both sides of your body will help fix imbalances as well, which are another indicator of future injury.

Take your time with these warmup reps and focus on bracing. Also, we won't be able to do this in class every day, but it's definitely something you can do before class multiple times in a week to get your ready for the workout.

Workout for Wednesday, July 20 3X5 Odd Object Squat as Warm Up for Back Squats

Back Squat 3X3 @ 85% 2X3 @ 85% to 90%

For Time: 33 Thrusters (115/85) 33 T2B 33 Russian KB Swings 33 Deadlifts (115/85) Run 800m